Incriminatrix (Full Season 1)

Blackmail Fantasy

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Over one hour with bonus features in this Full Season video.

I’ve got a present for you…It’s a surprise….

But first I think I’m gonna need some information…bank accounts and all… just to get to know you a little better…

I’m gonna give you a mind blowing tour of my legs and my feet… yea and I know it sounds nice of me cuz you’re gonna have a nice relaxing time but really I’m just developing a deeper and deeper “damaging crush” on your beautiful online abuser!

If anyone found out that you secretly liked to be treated like a peasant… a dirty foot gagging peasant… they’d probably think they should avoid you… or laugh at you… or just think of you as a retard for the rest of your life…

So, yea… it’s probably better if no one ever found out about it.

I know… how bout we make this an even bigger rush for you… stare at my wrinkled soles while you record yourself pledging your life to serve my pretty little feet!

Oh and I want you to practice your begging… look at the bottom of my aerobics sneakers and beg for a lick.

This one hour video contains:
Episode 1: Teasing And Extracting
Episode 2: Shoe Licking And Spending
Episode 3: Foot Zoned Freak
Episode 4: Shameful Sneaker Surprises
Bonus behind the scenes walking and posing.
Bonus slide show

Featuring: Pantyhose’d feet, Open Toe Mules, Bare Feet, Walking, Glamour Posing, Suede Shoes, High Heel Sneakers, Shoe Sniffing, Jeans Shorts, Latex Gloves, PVC Leggings, 80’s Aerobics Outfit.

Starring: Princess Amber

Categories: Financial Domination, Foot Fetish, Humiliation, Shoe Fetish, Leotard Fetish, Latex, Pantyhose Stockings, Gloves.


Keywords: princess amberfindomlatex
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