Apocalypse – Full Season 1

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Foot Fetish, Leg Fetish
According to the ancient aliens crowd, There is talk of an upcoming ascension event and whether you believe it’s true or not, a submissive beta male like you is gonna love the training I have in store for you! Haha.
 An hour and a half of Legs, Feet, Pantyhose and beating you down til you have the correct attitude adjustment! haha.
Episode 1: Submissive Self Worth
Episode 2: Beta Male Body Language
Episode 3: Approved Words
Episode 4: Laundry Opportunities
Episode 5: Enthusiastic Shoe Cleaning
Episode 6: Truly Craving Chastity
Episode 7: Bland Diet Training
Episode 8: Leashed Foot Loser
Heather Highborne
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