Jessa’s Sadistic Theater (Full Movie)

Jessa Rhodes Video

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This is all 7 episodes of Jessa’s Sadistic Theater

There she was… my friend that’s come to visit me from the country… so… so wide eyed and innocent… it was almost a shame to do it to her, haha! I’ll be offering her body to be used in a grand theater where my devious friends will be mixed into the audience with ordinary gawkers.

But First, I’ll set the house rules by making her strip and masturbate while praising my beauty!

Now that I’ve got her obeying my commands to touch herself for my entertainment… I’ll add some sweet sugar on top of my dominating tone. Yes, I’m still gonna order her to be my pussy licker but I think the girls night sleep over theme adds a lovely mind fuck. I’m gonna blend the idea of a sentimental girls night into the mix as I transform her into the publicly humiliated fuck toy!

My Unsuspecting little whore will soon know the same pleasure I’ve learned. She will be in ecstasy when she realizes I’m going to leave her here on stage to experience the unknown anticipation of being set up and abandoned in our sadistic theater.

Starring, Jessa Rhodes and Charlotte Stokely

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