Lazer Kitty Part 2

Lazer Kitty has demoted Wonder Vixen to sidekick and she is not to happy about it. But what Lazer Kitty doesn’t know is that her new sidekick is still working for Harlequin! Watch out for those pies… they might be more that meets the eye! And the antidote only comes in form of slime pored all over the face!

Wonder Vixen gains the upper hand at the end of the pie challenge and Lazer Kitty suffers quite a set back… Later that day Harlequin herself shows up and decides to take charge. Harlequin really rubs it in… literally!

Starring: Randy Moore and Charlotte Stokely

Runtime: 28 Minutes

Coming Soon

2 thoughts on “Lazer Kitty Part 2

  1. My full version of Lazer Kitty 1 and 2 freeze
    before the 8:00 mark and the clips will not advance beyond that point.
    I know the site is new and there will be issues, so
    I thought you my like to know this.

    I have a mac computer

    1. The issue sometimes occurs when the download is too big. I have put an option for smaller (compressed) video files to be downloaded in every video download area.

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