The Valentine Four Episode 2
Pie Class 101 Episode 1
The Game Show Hostess Show
Follow the story line of some of these continuing Pie in the Face episodes.

There is a new Episode of Pie Class 101 on the way. In the first Episode of Pie Class 101 both the naughty school girl and the sexy cheerleaders got pied in the face along with the principal and teacher that got a pie in her face. Now in Episode 2 you will see new girls Samantha and Eve explore the special pie in the face technique of the day. Samantha plays the strict school teacher while Eve plays the sexy school girl.
A new slapstick, pie in the face series is beginning this August 2012. It is called "The Valentine Four" You may have seen the other news channel shows that we are making a parody of. There is some political humor based on the fact that there is a panel of many Republicans and only one Democrat used as a punching bag. Let the public humiliation begin!

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Wild Wild West



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