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Just Released 2015:

October 2015

The Pie Maid
The pie maid, Nikkole, is more than happy to dish it out onto her eccentric employer.

September 2015

Scary Slapstick Movie 2

It's the second edition of the incredibly successful film. See Maid Mya as she has her turn playing the messy victim to the mysterious intruder. This film has many of the same amazing "pie in the face" scenarios as the original film.

The Bar Menu
This is a new sitcom about beautiful and unsuspecting customers of a new bar with an unusual food menu. Not only do the serve sweet treats but they have a new special called "The Three Stooges Pie".

July 2015

Home Coming Pie
Princess Mya and Princess Jennifer are enemies at school and Mya just posted a Facebook video of her stomping on Jennifer's home coming pie. Now she must face the consequences.

June 2015
"Glamour Pies 3" - a 19 minute short film. A third installment of Glamour Pies! This time Anastasia spends an extended amount of bonus time modeling with pies before she throws them all at Crystal.

June 2015
"Glamour Pies 2" - A 27 Minute Film. The Second Installment of Glamour Pies! Starring Anastasia and Crystal wearing very expensive lingerie. They both get pie in the face.


May 2015
A 28 Minute conclusion. "Lazer Kitty Part 2" Starring Charlotte Stokely and Randy Moore.


April 2015
A 19 Minute Short Film: "Glamour Pies 1", Starring Goddess Rodea and Anastasia. Lots of glamorous posing with pies before Anastasia gets those pies in the face.

April 2015
A 28 minute film "Lazer Kitty Part 1" Starring Randy Moore and Charlotte Stokely

April 2015
A 13 minute short film "The Creamy Ballet" Where the stars of the ballet are actually the pies in the face.

January 2015
A 7 Minute Short Film "Balloon Girls"

"House of Tricksters"
A 40 Minute film Starring Goddess Nina Elle

Goddess Rodea stars in
"Pie Stomping Revenge". A 56 Minute Film.

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