School Girl Pies 3

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Over An Hour And A Half.

Principal Ms. Weatherbee gets bamboozled by Rizzo and finds herself a participant in a streaming humiliation video. Ms. Weatherbee gets a total “clowning” including having white and a whopping 150 red lipsticks smeared all over her.

Oh, and Rizzo offers to reduce the shine with 10 pounds of flour added to her face and hair!

And then come the pies… 10 white pies and 10 blue pies!

Lots of silent smoking closeups. Bonus footage of strangely satisfying crushing up of 150 red lipsticks.


Starring Stacy Cheeks and Lexi Chase

Categories: Smoking, Wet And Messy, Whipped Cream Fetish, Pie In The Face, Clowns, Lipstick Fetish.

Category: WET & MESSY