An Ass Licking Joke – The Office Of Extinction (episode 6)

Humiliation Ass Fetish Video

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You should’ve stayed in hiding, retard. Besides, You’re a beta boy that would rather be humiliated by a hot girl huh??? Yes you would, pansy. Go ahead and try and stroke your cock through your cage for me now, just like last night.

Be a good sissy maid when your licking your previous secretary’s shoes clean and cleaning her toilets cuz if you do a bad job I’ll have you snipped… and it’s bye bye balls… or bye bye penis.

By the way, how’s that pathetic pink posture collar gonna work for worshiping assholes. I mean is it easier or harder to really get up in there and eat out a superior’s asshole.

I coulda had your balls snipped off… but instead I turned you into an asswipe. An asswipe that loves humiliation and can’t relieve his blue balls, hahahaha. Your a joke… you’re an ass licking joke… and I’m just getting started, hahahaha.

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