Bakery Baroness Episode 4

This is Episode 4 so you already know that I am the Bakery Baroness… I own the sexiest and most sadistic pie shop in town. Today my new apprentice, Cindy, is coming to my manor and she will learn how to enjoy the creamy instrument of my success. She will learn to love the feel of silky cream as well as learn to love herself in new ways… and of course she will learn to love me and become my delicious pet.

This time I indulge in the full pie in the face treatment. I have Cindy apply thick whipped cream all over me. I am hoping she will one day learn to enjoy the delicious feeling as my underling at my sadistic bakery.

Categories: Wet And Messy, Sploshing, Food Fetish, Pie in the face, Lesbian Domination.

Category: WET & MESSY
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