Balls Of A Loser. So you Wanna Serve – Season 1 Episode 3

A Raven Bay ballbusting video

Well servant, have you seen my past ballbusting videos??? Do you know why my ballbusting videos sold so well… do you know why they are the best in that fetish category??? It’s my careless… when I’m kicking a slaves nuts in, I really don’t care if it hurts him, injures him, or even castrates him. One of my favorite techniques was rarely ever filmed.

Wanna see it???

It’s something special that I only have ever done for a select few slaves as a reward for serving me. (It’s a standing kiss fakeouts) with sudden kicks to the balls… Oh and followed by a long lap dance where I step on your cock and balls and grind my heels into you like I’m putting out a cigarette, haha.

Goddess Raven Bay

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