Bullied (Season 2, Episode 3) Marked Money-Maker

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Awe, did your bully do that to you???

Did he tattoo your ass??? Hahahaha. Wow, he’s such a man… do you feel stupid? I mean stupider than usual? Mmmm, I’m gonna reward the fuck outta him after dinner…mmm… probably before dinner, I can’t wait!

What??? Nooooo! He didn’t… he didn’t… oh my god, he did! He had the tattoo girl give you a cock piercing? Are you fucking serious??? Lemmme see before I cream my panties… lemme, see it! Oh… oh… yup… that’s a permanent chastity cage.

Lemme see the nipple piercings… lemme see, sissy… awe, oh… oh wow… Are those bells? Was that his idea or the tattoo girls??? Was she laughing at you???

Starring: Stella Sol

Categories: Chastity, Humiliation, Sissy Training, Crossdresser, Feminization, Forced Bi, Forced Fem, Forced Crossdressing, Make Me Bi, Sissification, Leg Fetish, Ass Fetish, Wimp, Bully, Nerd, Beta Male, Domestic Servitude, House Bitch, Milf, Lipstick Fetish.

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