Corporate Packages (Episode 3 of Chastity Checkups)

Watch this Heather Highborne video here.

I’m donating a little of my time at the “Department of Chastity and Behavior Improvement” … as you know… the country is in desperate need of a shift towards keeping inferior men locked up in chastity cages. And recently they’ve added a directive to approach employers to help with the cause.

Yes, that’s right… and there’s also available tax breaks for all the ladies that get involved.

We have educational videos and training available. You can decide which program works best for you. There’s the “secret shame” program where your female workers quietly lock up a weak male coworker.

The government is willing to offer free licensing of the program for team building exercises and conferences to thoroughly humiliate each inferior male.

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Starring: Heather Highborne

Categories: Humiliation, Chastity, Orgasm Denial, Foot Fetish, Secretary, Leg Fetish, Female Supremacy, Shoe Fetish, Latex, Office Domination.