CS, Foot Slaves Are The New Thing- The Charlotte Show (S2 Episode 2)

Charlotte Stokely Feet
Charlotte Stokely Feet

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Imagine a world where a bunch of guys and girls are out for drinks after work and the conversation turns to you… a girl asks if your married or have a girlfriend. You reply no… and she immediately follows up with “oh, who are you serving?” Or “who’s your online Dom” or “who’s little bitch are you?”

After all these years of humiliation porn, on line goddesses and fetish on the internet, it’s only a matter of time before this is an accepted lifestyle. Well, I guess “accepted ” isn’t the right word because there will always be extreme shame involved. I certainly hope our future society finds the perfect blend of acceptance and embracing the degradation of the slave lifestyle.

You’re just ahead of the curve. Your only a few more videos away from accepting your place as my servant… well, maybe you’re there already but I know you could do a better job and sink much lower for me either way. I want you to think of the joy you feel when the day comes when you openly admit that I own you. You’ll have days where your glad all your friends and coworkers know you’re a pathetic slave and other moments when your horribly humiliated remembering that they snicker behind your back whenever you pass by.

You’ll be living a delicious life in limbo between feeling joy when your admitting you’re a slave and living with the shame and social box of a self-admitted inferior.

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