Cuckold Cruelty by Penelope (Entire Season 1)

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Forget Netflix, Forget Hulu… Binge watch an entire season (9 episodes, 73 minutes) of Penelope as she turns you into a complete cuckold! The full season is being released early… ahead of the individual episodes released every Saturday. Why wait 9 weeks? Get the full season now at a discounted price.

Episode 1: Cruelty Cum Chores
Episode 2: Becoming a Condom Chomper
Episode 3: Cuck Driver Gets Punished
Episode 4: Ruined and Trapped
Episode 5: Closet Cuck in Panties
Episode 6: Stomped Stupider
Episode 7: Chastity and Laughter
Episode 8: Cruel Chastity Cleaning
Episode 9: Hand Him Your Key

Starring: Penelope

Categories: Humiliation, Chastity, Cuckolding, Ballbusting, CBT, Domestic Servitude, Latex, Shoe Worship.