Dream Of Drying Cum On Your Face – The Office Of Extinction (episode 4)

Cum Eating Instruction video

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The only reason the bedding is so nice is cuz we’re filming it for the state propaganda TV show. We’re gonna do a montage of you dolled up in chastity and bondage while getting alpha cum dumped all over you! Hahahaha. This beds only this nice cuz we’re letting alpha couples come in here any time they want and have sex next to you or even on you!

Don’t worry darling, you won’t get bored of the extreme repetition of cum being shot in your face. I’m sure plenty of girls will ask their alpha men to roll you over and deposit some alpha seed up your beta butt.

Lick your lips and thank daddy for the cum he just sprayed all over your face… lick your lips like this… mmmmm… thank you daddy… mmmmm… now say “ I’m a beta boy in chastity“.

Cuz we’re broadcast this live on the internet and you’ll be hearing constant laughter from the moment your cuffed to the moment your stuffed. And in the morning when the two hottest castration agents come in and in cuff you and get you changed for your day… their gonna tell you that today’s the day you get castrated on stage.

They’ll laugh and fondle your blue balls and remind you of how long it’s been since you’ve spilled your beta seed.

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