Dressing For Submission. Episode 2 of Come Crying To Me.

A Jenna Sativa video

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She lured me into the maids quarters and ordered me to put on something more applicable to my new station. I’m gonna put these stocking on as if it’s the first day of my new life. My new life of stress free servitude. I don’t have to think… I don’t have to decide… I will just obey my Queen Shyla!

She called me a peasant and a pathetic servant and ordered me to wear the only clothing I ever fucking deserved to ever wear again.

She specifically ordered me to put on thick coats of lipstick on my whore mouth as she laughed at me. I honestly felt like I was gonna cry again. That was so fucked up. Is she gonna make me a fucking whore for her???

Starring Shyla Jennings and Jenna Sativa

Categories: Lesbian, Pornstar, Lesbians, Lesbian Domination, Lipstick Fetish, French Maid, Stockings Fetish, Female Training, Female Bully.