Financial Control. The Full Fuckover (season 1 episode 1)

Financial Control. The Full Fuckover (season 1 episode 1) 1080HD

An Adriana Chechik Video
An Adriana Chechik Video

Ohh yea baby… is this what you had in mind… having me leave the strip club after my feature dancing gig to really fuck your over at home??? Yea, well I get lots of guys that want me to be a fuckin bitch and dominate them. I get lots of guys that want me to take all their cash and laugh at their small cocks! But since you wanted the “full fuckover special” I decidedly to really let you have it! You promised me everything huh??? You want a serious fuckover? You wanted to go to the strips club where your favorite pornstar was dancing. Your a submissive guy that would love to meet me, huh? You need the ultimate thrill huh??? Yea, well… you wanted it… you got it!

You’re signing over everything to me while I step on your cock! I’m gonna grind my high heels into your cock and balls until you sign over everything to me! Complete ruination! Oh I see you like that… your gonna get much more abuse than this when I move into this place. Yup, when I said you’re signing over everything to me, I meant it. Your condo, your cars, your 401 k… everything. You’re gonna have every check cumin’ to you, direct deposited straight into my account. But don’t worry, I’ll still let you stay here… as my humiliated servant, hahaha. How’s that for Fucking you over, sweetie???

Shot in 4K.

Starring: Performer of the Year 2017 AVN Award Winner, Adriana Chechik

Categories: Financial Domination, Humiliation, Strippers, Latex, Femdom, Female Domination, Brat Girls, Foot Fetish, CBT


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