Frilly Little Nightie. Mean Girl and the Dweeb (season 2 episode 3)

Skyla Novea Video

Good morning dweeb. I see your still wearing your frilly little nightie. Want some breakfast? Well I do and your gonna be making it for me sissy. Say “yes miss” and fuckin thank me, now! Good. You gotta earn your keep now that we spent all that money on you at the mall yesterday. I bet you didn’t expect us to go all in and get you sexy nighties too, haha. You look so cute in them with your panties peeking out at the bottom, ever so flirtatiously, haha. Are you turned on by them or are you super pissed that we let your bully pick them out for you, haha. I gotta admit that was a nice touch. I mean, there you were being humiliated at a lingerie store by a bunch of laughing women… and you bully shows up and starts pushing you around, hahahaha.

Starring Skyla Novea

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