Glamour Pies (Episode 1 – Wearing Pie)

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Anastasia and Goddess Rodea spend an evening at the mansion in lingerie…

First they deliver some delicious anticipation as they carefully make the creamy pies by adding lots of heavy fillings and thick whipped cream on top of each decadent pie!

Then prettiest girls you’ve ever seen taunt you by walking each pie to it’s presentation table with flirty poses and catwalks…

Finally, Goddess Rodea shows Anastasia show to wear pie as she walks around her and delivers each pie to its pretty target in an almost never ending barrage. Anastasia is completely covered from Head to toe in whipped cream and pie!

Anastasia and Goddess Rodea

Categories: Wet And Messy, Sploshing, Lesbian Domination, Whipped Cream Fetish, Lingerie, Food Play.


Category: WET & MESSY