He Ruined Your Life, Haha (Episode 9 of Sissy Cuckold Contest)

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Episode 9 of Sissy Cuckold Contest – Binge Watch the Full Season 1 Here and save $$.

Oh my god, he didn’t! Oh no, hahahaha… yes… awesome… he did that to you??? It was your first day over my exes cleaning in your new sissy maid outfit and he fucked you up like that??? Hahahaha. Awe, I’m gonna have to call him and tell him that I’m gonna have to reward him for this! Lift up your poofy frills… let me see it again… yup, it’s right there in hot pink… “sissy faggot” right on each butt cheek. Wow! That’s gotta be a fags wet dream! Did he threaten you??? Please tell me you resisted. Did he make you cry at all before the tattoo girl did that to you???

Cat got your tongue??? Huhhhhh! Oh my god…. you have a lisp! Hahahaha. No way!!! No way he did that, hahahaha… he got your tongue pierced??? Hahahaha. Awe, poor sissy fag.

I’ll top those tatts. I mean I kinda have to… I can’t have my ex doing the most damage to you. It has to be me that reigns supreme in the degradation department. Kneel slave!

Beg me for it with you’re ridiculous lisp! Want it??? Want it, fag??? Wanna be used as a human toilet, fag??? Good little cuck! Cuz I’m filming that!  Hahahaha. I’m gonna have parties where you get pissed on all night! Jiggle that cage! Jiggle that cage if you want it? Jiggle, jiggle! You’de Be cuming all over the floor right now if you could! But you can’t, haha! Ever, hahahaha!

Astrid Star

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