House Of Tricksters (Full Movie)

Goddess Nina Elle plays a crazy circus lady living in a mansion where she takes in prospective circus cult members as slaves. Little do the applicants know how twisted and cruel she is. One pretty girl that shows up at the door gets to be taken under her wing… but not before she puts her through her messy torture routine.

We also get to see what happens to the losers…When Nadia Valentine shows up at the door and asks to be considered for the circus cult, she is greeted by Goddess Nina Elle and is utterly humiliated for even assuming that a loser like her could even apply. Nina orders Nadia to put on a humiliating clown costume and shows the other pretty new girl how to totally degrade someone with pies in the face! Then they kick Nadia out and laugh at how pathetic a loser like that was for even trying to apply for membership into the cult.

After Nina and the new girl bully and humiliate the loser Nadia with pies, they go back inside where Nina begins her initiation of the pretty girl. Nina rolls out the cart filled with a large pitcher of raw eggs and lots of pudding. Nina slowly makes the new girl stand there as she applies the wet and messy food to her beautiful body. Finally, Nina throws a full complement of pies in her face and laughs at the initiated, new girl

The tables are turned when Goddess Nina allows her new assistant to pour thick chocolate pudding on her and pie her with many thick creamy pies.

As the days go by we see the new pretty girl has settled in to her new life at the house of tricksters. She is standing in a full Harley Quinn shiny spandex outfit and has the slave chauffeur administer her daily pieing. After all, Nina’s house rules dictate that all the girls practice getting pied everyday!

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Runtime: 40 Minutes


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