Humilification Day (EP1 – A Month Of Chastity And Overtime)

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I found out all your submissive little secrets! Yea, idiot… you left your computer on for me to see. Ooh since your such a big fan of being a sub, I thought I’d even do you a favor and do a little shopping on Amazon for myself too!

Would the widdle beta boy like to be my chastity slave??? You would??? Awe, I knew you’de see it my way, wimp!

I figured it’s gonna take a full month of overtime to replenish your card based on the damage I’ve already done so, guess what???

You get a whole month of blue balls!

I bet you wish you could relive this day so that you could just be honest with me about what you really need, huh wimp?

Aiden Ashley

Categories: Chastity, Financial Domination, Findom, Female Led Relatiponship, FLR, Female Supremacy, Mind Fuck, Lingerie, Humiliation,Orgasm Denial, Tease And Denial.