I Invited Your Bully. Mean Girl and the Dweeb (season 2 episode 2)

I Invited Your Bully. Mean Girl and the Dweeb (season 2 episode 2)

Skyla Novea Video

Yea, I got it… I’m sending you the video now. I totally got him to wear the bra and panties, it’s hysterical. I got him to be a limp wristed pansy and prance around like a drag queen! We’re on our way out to the mall now. Can you put the video up before we get there? Ok cool, haha… tell everyone to meet us at the mall after they watch it.

Do you think his bully might come??? Can you DM him cuz I kinda want him to be there. I mean he’s so big and strong and I think it would be hot… I mean cool if he was there to kinda… you know… join in on the fun. Like maybe he’ll mock the dweeb… maybe give him a wedgie or somethin’. You don’t even gotta tell him all that, just DM him and tell him I’ll reward him for helping knock the dweeb down a couple more levels.

Do you still have any pics of when he beat up the dweeb last year??? Can you send them to me right now, I need them. I just really want to see them right now, please send them! Oh, oh, oh I’m cuming!

Starring Skyla Novea

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A Picture of Skyla Novea A Photo of Skyla Novea wearing latex.


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