Jessa’s Sadistic Theater (season 1 episode 3)

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My Unsuspecting little whore will soon know the same pleasure I’ve learned. She will be in ecstasy when she realizes I’m going to leave her here on stage to experience the unknown anticipation of being set up and abandoned in our sadistic theater.

I get such a wicked thrill knowing that she’s going to enjoy a whole new addiction to being used by me.

I’ll train her, love her and laugh while she quivers. I get so turned on by this whole process of my art. It’s so beautiful to put my little whore’s transformation on display for a theater full of thirsty guests. The society of like minded sadistic art lovers have gathered to watch my latest show. And of course, I’m going to enjoy a little pre game orgasm of my own at the scene of the crime.

I let her see the stage to impress her with the scale of it all. She looked around and was clearly feeling small in such a regal theater… and in my regal presence, haha. If she only knew how small she would feel when I reveal my final plans for her. She has been an obedient pet so far… but I’m looking forward to her utter degradation. I want her to feel betrayed and used before she comes full circle and appreciates what I’ve done for her.

Oh, I enjoy this so much… I’m drunk from anticipation and lust. Fucking her over as I fuck myself is one of my favorite things on this earth and I can almost hear her moans and orgasm now. I’ll be watching her as she waits on stage for the patrons to file in. She will be hungry for her scrumptious future to arrive. She wants it, I know she does… I want it “for” her… I feel sexy for her right now… I’m living this through her… she’ll be waiting on stage for the guests to have their way with her. And I’ll be pleasuring myself as I watch! The members of the sadistic society will file on stage and take turns with her as the remainder of the unwitting theater goers simply enjoy the show.

I get so aroused spying on the contrast between the smiles of “the knowing” and the looks of shock on the faces of “the surprised”. The “non society ” members are just regular folk that just came to see a show… and as far as they know… that’s all they are getting. They have no idea that there is an even more orgasmic art form playing out in front of them. So orgasmic… so orgasmic… oh I think I’m cuming!

Starring Jessa Rhodes and Charlotte Stokely.

Categories: Lesbian, Lesbian Domination, Girl-Girl, Female Training, Masturbation, Blindfolds, Latex, Pornstars.