Paycheck Pounding Party (Humilfication Day Episode 6)

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… Perfect if you’re already trapped in a chastity cage!

This is the sixth day on this parody of Groundhog Day.

I found a folder called “pay pig poundings”! Yea… I found it quite interesting. It seems some deranged loser made a ton of image captions and they all have sexy girls that are pegging a wimp in chastity… and then it dawned on me… you wrote them! You did, didn’t you?

I’ll either let you keep your pants on and let you beg for mercy… or I’ll let you take your pants off and stroke your beta boy cock while you beg to be my “pegging party pay pig”! So what’s it gonna be, loser?

This is about your financial destruction, your asshole destruction and the destruction of any hope you might have had of stroking your cock like a “real man” again. The most you’ll ever get, is the chance to jiggle your cage while my strap-on pounds your girly asshole.

Oh and that’s after you hand me your full paycheck on your knees! No check… no poundings! And you will need poundings, beta boy. You’ll crave them… you’ll beg for me to pound your fag hole just to drip a few precious drop of precum out of your blue balls.

Their almost here, cuckie. Time to apply the ice and shrink you down size and get this steel chastity cage on you. I want all my hot girl friends to come in and see you caged and standing in the corner with your back arched and ass presented for destruction. Hahahaha.

Aiden Ashley

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