Permanent Pansy (Episode 8 of Sissy Cuckold Contest)

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Episode 8 of Sissy Cuckold Contest – Binge Watch the Full Season 1 Here and save $$.

Welcome back fag, Haha. My ex said you did a great job cleaning his place. How did that feel??? Did he make you lick the toilet seat??? Did he dunk your head in the toilet and give you a swirly??? Haha. Awe, too bad, huh? Don’t you think you deserved it for goin’ over wearing makeup like a failure of a man… a sissy cuckold little bitch?

You pay for all my bills, you pay for my booty call dates with my ex, you lick his cum from my asshole on a daily basis. Look at you… look at yourself… see what I did to you??? See what I fucking did to you??? Kneel and thank me for doing this to you… pants off… in fact, strip naked and start stroking.

From now on your gonna be wearing a total sissy outfit including these pink heels and this steel chastity cage!

Your destruction is the only way you can elevate me now! Your gonna be a tatted clown face sissy faggot cuckold! But let’s not forget the hair, sweetie… your getting bangs and pig tails… dyed pink! Hahahaha, oh and I think I’ll have the salon girl shave everything else. Your goin bald, sweetie! Hahahaha, except the pink bangs and sarcastic pig tails! Your gonna be the biggest fag, fag, fag!

Astrid Star

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