Pie the Sissy Maid (Oops, I Broke Another Peasant, Episode 7)

Heather Highborne
Heather Highborne

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I’ll be selling the pies for our guests to throw in your pathetic face! You’ll Sit right there and I’ll bring a pie out for every person that wants to humiliate you! Haha!

Oh, and of course, no ones gonna pay anything just to throw a pie at a loser that’s already a stupid humiliated servant… No, no no… they get to use you as a sissy maid! That’s right… One pie equals one day of your services as a super sissified French maid! Haha!

How’s that sound, wimp??? I mean, it’s one thing for me to make you my shoe licker at home… Or even at the polo club… But these people will put you on full display in any way they want!

I’m sure they all have plenty of servants to do all the house cleaning already… So that means there gonna probably just be using you as a total joke!

The only rule I have is that they return you to me in somewhat decent shape… No broken bones, Castration or pimping your holes out to more than 50 people per day.

Oh my there seems to be quite a line forming! Haha!

Starring: Heather Highborne

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