Pierced And Paraded Pansy – The Office Of Extinction (episode 8)

Sissification Video

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Well, well, well… looks like your titties have grown in nicely, hahahaha. I guess those ladies at the military lab really know how to deliver the right kinda estrogen and stuff. I guess it helps to have that locking corset on. Good thing it’s the kind of corset that leaves the boobs exposed. I mean, I lot of work… well work AND laughter went into those babies, hahahaha.

How many episodes of the state propaganda TV show have you been on now??? And each time the audience voted to do more and more sick and twisted stuff to you. How does it feel to know that everyone hates you so much???

You shoulda turned yourself in to the “office of Extinction “ from the beginning. And now look at you… I’ve turned you into the poster for humiliation.

So I’m gonna walk you on your leash down to the tattoo shop, hahahaha. And we’re gonna get those pretty little titties pierced!Oh and by piercings I mean permanent slave rings… with jewelry… jewelry in the shape of dicks… dicks and balls, hahahaha. Oh and it’s not just any cock… it’s modeled after my new boyfriend’s dick.

You’ll get a nice big “Cum Dumpster “ tattoo across your chest too… you need to constantly remind everyone that you’re a fucking joke.

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