Playful And Painful – Dweeb Destruction Episode 1

Morgan Lux
Morgan Lux

Click Here for this Step Sister Ballbusting Video.

Ya know, I outta pound your nuts in for lookin’ at my butt, silly dilly…

It’s been about a week since I gave you a wedgie, hmmm, I think you’re due for some friendly roughhousing, huh???

How bout this… if you can take the pounding I give you… I’ll let you look at my butt… up close… in this super cute outfit, ok???

Oh yeah, I’ll let you get your nerd face right up in there… IF you can take everything I dish out!… deal??

Awe, I knew you’de say yes to that… now get on the bed! Hahahaha

We’re gonna play our game where I tie you to the bed with my stockings and beat your nuts with funny household objects, hahahaha Oh and then I’m gonna shove my feet on your mouth! haha!

Starring: Morgan Lux

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