Plucked And Pierced (Episode 3 of Season 1 of Producer of Pretty Lies)

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Come here, sweetie… lemme just pluck those brows for ya… I’ll just clean them up a bit… hold still…

Hmmm… oh actually, I do think this role does call for some ridiculously high arches… ultra thin and very high arches… hold still….

Trust me, all this practice will make you just perfect for the role I have in mind for you! Hahahaha.

Awe, hold still sweetie, every boys makeover should start with an ear piercing. Actually I think I’ll give you a diamond nose stud too! Hahahaha…

That’s right… big ones… your getting big dangly earrings, a nose stud AND some kind of freakish nipple piercings that I can maybe get some penis charms to dangle from!

Take a good look at my rack, sweetie… just look at my boobs while I pierce your ears…

I’m gonna put filler in your nipples so they stick out a full inch… then I’m gonna have the girl tattoo a light pink heart around each of your areolas. Hahahaha

So I hope you loved staring at my boobs cuz you’re about to get yourself a spectacular set of girly man boobs, hahahaha!


Starring: Stella Sol

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