Popular Girl’s Panty Peasant (episode 1)

Hey, thanks for coming over. I mean, I know you don’t feel well after getting beat up by the quarterback but I’m so glad you limped over here. That’s gotta hurt huh? I mean physically as well as mentally, hahahaha. You got your face shoved in the mud in front of the whole school. I mean you kinda gotta live with the label of “wimp” now. He’s such a bully… but so hot at the same time.

Your gonna be my new special friend… I’m gonna have to ask you to pledge yourself to me. Yup, I just wanna hear you say it. Say that you’ll never ever cheat on me. You’ll never have sex, you’ll never have a girlfriend, you’ll never marry a woman. … … Good now put your face in my socks while I watch my makeup tutorials. Duh… If you can’t handle that then you just don’t understand me.

I’m tired… get out! And take these dirty socks with you! One goes in your mouth and the other goes down your pants. Now! That’s it… in the mouth! And pants! Good fucktard. Leave them there till your done with all my homework.

Goddess Andie

Categories: Humiliation, Ignore, School Girl, Socks Fetish, Foot Fetish, Shoe Fetish, Shoe and Boot Worship, Homework slave, Virgin Humiliation, Tease And Denial, Orgasm Denial, Sexual Rejection, Beta Humiliation.