Popular Girl’s Panty Peasant (episode 2) Upgraded To Peasant

Humiliation Fetish

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Hi, wimp. You did a good job on my homework last night. What’s wrong… you didn’t get much sleep??? Was it all that homework or your blue balls? Hahahaha.

I’m gonna do something nice for you… I’m gonna upgrade you from fucktard wimp to fucktard peasant! Isn’t that great!!! Your now officially my peasant! I mean I love it cuz it makes it clear that I’m a princess and nobody else at school that wants to compete with me can say they have a real peasant.

Even my mom thinks it’s cute. I told her that I’d be helping a “wimp at school” slowly climb the social ladder and she was so impressed with my generosity. She even offered to sew you some burlap underwear to feel more like a peasant! We laughed about how scratchy the fabric was for a hour.

Do you think you can get those nipples rubbed raw before you leave?

Get face down on the floor and squirm your nipples on the floor and start humping while you stare at my superior feet!

Look at my feet, peasant! Hump the floor in your peasant burlap panties!

Make it hurt… look at my feet, lowly peasant… I’m taking orgasms away from you peasant… your red raw Cock will hurt too much to cum.

Goddess Andie

Humiliation Fetish

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