Popular Girl’s Panty Peasant (episode 3) Sissified At School

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So you actually had the nerve to show up. I mean by now the whole cheer squad knows you wore pink lingerie under your clothing for me at school but this next step is gonna be life ending!

Once I put this makeup on you, everyone at school is gonna know I turned you into a total sissy, hahahaha. But you love me enough to do it for me right, wimp?

Your soooo in love with me that you’ll do it just so I spend a few extra moments next to you … even if that means applying thick coats of mascara… and extra thick coats of lipstick to your sissified face.

Oh and my mom had one last idea… she knew you would probably fit into her high heels so she insisted that I make you wear this super hot pair of pink high heels all day too!

Now I want you to enjoy the rest of your day at school knowing I just destroyed your manhood, permanently… just because I could… just for a laugh. Bye.

Goddess Andie

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Sissification video Sissification video Sissification video Sissification video