Scary Slapstick Movie 1

The sexy maid is all alone and getting ready to do her duties. She will try not to break anything tonight but it is probably inevitable… so why try…lah dee dah. Suddenly, she spots something exiting! Someone has baked lots of pies! Mmmm, time to taste them, LICK…Poke…slurp.

“Ahhh!” she says. “I deserve all these pies for myself.” Then she has a clever thought…”I wish that smelly gardner was here so I could pie him, or maybe my boss or sister.”

Oh, well back to work. Sweep, sweep sweep…”Huh, Whats that noise?” Someone lurks outside! “Oh, I guess it’s just my imagination” SPLAT!!! “Who’s there??… who did this to me?”

Pie after pie is delivered followed by a couple slimings of gunge. Starring Goddess Suvana.

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Runtime: 14 Minutes

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