School Girls Humiliating The Wimp

School girl humiliation

Watch this School Girl Humiliation fetish video here.

OMG, ever wonder what we really think of you? You offer to buy us lunch like the pathetic loser you are. Your nothing but a reject Water Boy, haha! In fact, the next time you buy us lunch, we are going to give it to the jocks. We will hand it to the REAL MEN, right in front of your face, HAHA! I can just imagine you serving the football players lunch like a submissive little loser, just because we told you to! I hope you get beat up. We would love to see that. You would do anything hot girls like us say! I mean, look at us…

Thigh high latex stockings, shiny black PVC school girl uniform bikinis and high heels!

Goddess Suvana and Empress Eve.

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