Sissy Cuckold Contest (Full Season 1)

Sissy Cuckold Video

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I wonder how stupid he’s gonna feel goin’ over to my ex’s to pick up my slutty lingerie from my ex boyfriend’s place. I’m literally sending a scrawny wimp of a man, over to my ex boyfriends place to ask a big strong man for my used lingerie and heels, haha.

Lets Turn our tiny dicked boyfriends into sissy cuckolds so we can fuck our big dicked ex’s!


This is the Full Season 1.

It Includes 9 Episodes Runtime 77 Minutes.

Buying them separately will cost over $160 so get this full version at only 74.99


Episode 1: He Doesn’t Measure Up

Episode 2: Fap To Your New Fate

Episode 3: Demoted To Foot Wipe

Episode 4: Stay In And Suck It

Episode 5: Leak And Kick It Off

Episode 6: Makeup To Serve Us

Episode 7: Tell Me What You Did To Him

Episode 8: Permanent Pansy

Episode 9: He Ruined Your Life, Haha