Sissy Maid Exposed – Popular Girl’s Panty Peasant (episode 7)

Sissy Maid Video

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Well, well, well… she finally did it to you, huh wimp? My mom finally got you to be the maid around here, hahahaha. Awe, that’s cute… how did she manage that, huh? Did she dangle some fishnets and heels in front of your faggot face till you creamed your panties?

Did she make you hump the floor at her feet until you begged her for more humiliation? Hahahaha. Awe, I think that French Maid outfit suits you perfectly.

She works fast… I go out on one hot date and leave you alone to polish our shoes and she’s already got you dressed up and feather dusting. Hold still, I’m just gonna get some pictures to send him. Yea, he just dropped me off and I told him I’d send him some dirty pictures when I got in. I guess this qualifies as a dirty picture, hahahaha.

I need you to run to the grocery store for me and pick up coconut water. Oh wow, she locked it on you? Hahahaha. That’s a locking French maids outfit? That’s gonna be humiliating!

Oh he’s texting me back! Hahahaha, I think he’s amused at your new outfit. Oh wait… oh… he’s asking me I can send you over there to clean his place, hahahaha.

Starring: Goddess Andie

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