Squashin’ LiL Wimp Wieners (Episode 3 of The Big Wimp Theory)

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Let’s have a nice little dinner conversation … how’s your “so called, manhood”??? It isn’t even as big as a silly little hot dawg, hahahaha!

Awe, I’m so pretty and your sitting there knowing that I chose hot dawgs for dinner as a way to humiliate you! Hahahaha

Would you like me to sit on your little wiener???

Oh you would huh??? oh, well then… I guess I’ll have to show you what would happen to your little wiener if I sat on it, huh???

Yea, I’ll show you what you deserve, little wiener boy! Hahahaha, You’d love me to step on your wiener too huh??? Too bad you wouldn’t even have a wiener left!


Starring: Heather Highborne

Categories: Humiliation, SPH, Small Penis Humiliation, Foot and Object Crushing, Shoe Fetish, Ass Fetish, Silk And Satin, CBT, WAM, Sploshing.