Swallow That Cum. Mean Girl and the Dweeb (season 2 episode 11)

Coerced Bi, Cum Eating Instructions
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I see your back, dweeb. Did your bully take it easy on you today? No??? Awe, come tell your loving step sister all about it… you look so tired. Were you scrubbing toilets and floors all day or was he fucking your throat like a sissy Slut? Why are you just shaking your head, why don’t you speak deeeb, your supposed to say “yes miss” when I address you. Oooh, you have his cum in your mouth??? And your not allowed to swallow it until you got home? Until he gives you permission? Awe, that’s so hot that he humiliated you like that tonight. Don’t worry fag, I’m gonna be a good sister and call him for you right now. Hey, the sissys home and apparently has a mouth full of some studs cum, haha. I knew it was yours silly, does the dweeb have permission to swallow now??? Ok, I’ll pass it on… ok babe, your such a real man, I love when you think of stuff like this! Ok babe, bye. OK fag, he said he wants me to get a quick video of you enjoying that cum with a big sissy smile on your face. Ok go ahead and swallow daddy cum! Good little cum dumpster, now thank your daddy. Good sissy. Wow, you looked like you enjoyed that a little too much. Maybe we really did turn you gay, haha. Ya know me and mom never thought it would really work but I kinda wonder now about how much progress we’ve really made. Here, let’s try something, I’ll pose for you while you stroke your tiny cock and then I’ll let you spill some sissy cum on my legs. Come on dweeb, whip that sissy clit out. Why are you hesitating? This is a huge opportunity for a sissy like you. Ohhh, you think it’s a trick??? You think I’m gonna report you to your bully? Well you did give him a pledge and I guess he does kinda own your cock now, haha. Well I’ll tell ya what, fag… I’ll pose for you while you recite your sissy pledge for daddy. I’m sure you’ll be aching to cum… but just think how hot that is that he’s actually inside your head like this. He’s got you so whipped that your turning down a hot girl and keeping your balls nice and blue for him! That’s so hot, he’s such a man. Now let’s hear your sissy pledge! Repeat after me, -I’m daddy’s sissy maid and I will always obey him faithfully. -Daddy’s superior cock is all I need. -I will ask to be punished if I ever look at pretty girls and get a tiny inferior boner. -if I even catch a glimpse of my sister in panties around the house, I will immediately rush over to my daddy and put on a thick lubricating coat of shiny pink lipstick and ask him to forgive me and beg to be face fucked. Oh, that’s such a good sissy Slut. Now ya know, you did technically see my panties so… you know what that means! Yup, your gonna grab your pink lipstick and head right back over there and drop to your knees. I’m sorry, dweeb, but a pledge is a pledge! Bye fag. Starring Skyla Novea Categories: Bi, Cum Eating Instructions, CEI, Femdom, Sissy Training, Female Supremacy, Step-Sister, Domestic Servitude, Humiliation.
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