The Bar Menu

The Bar Menu
This is a new sitcom about beautiful and unsuspecting customers of a new bar with an unusual food menu. Not only do the serve sweet treats but they have a new special called “The Three Stooges Pie”. The live studio audience knows what’s coming and enjoys the build up to the inevitable. The bartender piles on thick layers of whipped cream to the pies and then reveals that she is about to smash them in her face! Anastasia remains remarkably calm despite being hit repeatedly with about 10 pies in the face of various types. There’s Apple filling, Cherry, Strawberry and lot’s of chocolate cream Pies. The bartender keeps an unusually large supply of whipped cream cans behind the bar and unloads then all on her lovely customer. Oh and she also keeps a huge can of vanilla pudding and chocolate syrup behind the bar too! The bartender puts more whipped cream and a cherry on top. You look just lovely, I hope you enjoyed the special!
 #Lesbian Domination,

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One thought on “The Bar Menu”

  1. I love this video! I love having a pie fight! It is such a turn on! I even did it with only my underwear on and my hair gelled! I got so messy! We had soooo much fun!! I love having pie fights or getting pied by sexy women!! I would love to do it again!!

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