The Ground I Walked On (Oops, I Broke Another Peasant, Episode 3)

Heather Highborne

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I took the liberty of bringing you back a little souvenir from the polo club. Well, the stables behind the club, actually.

It’s a big clumpy pile of dirt!

Yea, I actually stepped on it and stuff! And your gonna show me how much you think I’m pretty by eating it!

You do think I’m pretty, right slave???

Superior and pretty, right slave???

Eating the dirt I’ve walked on is a step up from licking all my shoes while I was gone, huh?

Your gonna get the chance to show me how much you love me! Your gonna get the chance to gobble up all this delicious dirt for me as I shove it in your mouth, hahahaha.

Please tell me that you’re actually getting excited about this and that your chastity cage is pinching and restraining what’s left of your manhood right now.

Ohhh, there it is… there that look on your face… that look of you straining against your cage, hahahaha.

Starring: Heather Highborne

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