The Office Of Extinction – Full Season 1

Chastity, Castration, Banding, Cuckolding, Butt Plugs, Humiliatrix.

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Females have taken over the government and all males are either castrated workers or sent to the disposal department. Beta seed will be eliminated from society to prevent reproduction of wimps and the only males left for breeding must have a minimum 9 inches.

Follow the saga as you have been in hiding as a beta boy with a cock a full inch under the state minimum. You dared to date a girl from the Office of Extinction. You foolishly believed that after only a year of dating her and depleting your savings to fund her cuckolding ways, that you’de finally be able to take your pants off in front of her. Your hopes were dashed when she refused to harbor a wimp fugitive and she turned you in to the beta seed disposal department.

Horrifically, she came up with an even more degrading use for a wimp like you. She intends to use you as a warning to all other inferior makes that remain in hiding. You’ll be put in chastity and turned into a walking joke on State Propaganda TV.

EP1- The B1 Beta Program
EP2- Tiny Chastity Cage For Big Laughs
EP3- Do Ya Want Dirt With That
EP4- Dream Of Drying Cum On Your Face
EP5- Sissy Spectacle On Stage
Ep6- An Ass Licking Joke
EP7- Public Plugging Predicament
Ep8- Pierced And Paraded Pansy

Starring Lola