Tutu Wearing Fucktard – Popular Girl’s Panty Peasant (episode 5)

Sissification Video

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I got anther opportunity for you to serve me, peasant! Your gonna be my aerobics class servant and if you’re real good I’ll let you hump my sneakers with my tights shoved in your mouth, ok pansy? I want you on your best behavior when all the ladies in the class get here. Oh and you’ll be wearing this tutu.

No matter how degrading the ladies talk to you, you better stay hard or you’ll be humping the floor until you get it stiff again.

Your gonna offer your “sweat wiping”, “drink fetching” and “sneaker polishing” services to my class. And your gonna do it in a way that glorifies me and degrades you. So remember, I’m goin’ for laughter here… don’t try to act like a self respecting gay.

You thought being laughed at school was bad enough, now I’m showing the world that I did this to you.

Starring: Goddess Andie

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