Wanted Personal Assistant (Oops, I Broke Another Peasant, Episode1)

Heather Highborne

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Yay! Daddy bought me another beta boy slave. I broke my last one, oops. I’ve had to live a solid week without a slave… I simply don’t know how people do this.

I’ve been throwing myself into my work with all the cute little critter rescue charities to keep myself occupied.

Huh? You applied for a “Personal Assistant “ job? Awe, that’s cute. I heard about dumb dums that apply for the “lifetime of servitude thingie“ by mistake. I actually feel sorry for you. I’ll keep it quiet, that you made a mistake. You’re kinda cute and I don’t want them to send you out back to the wood chipper for disposal.

Oh… that brings me to my favorite part… I’ll be taking away your erections, slave.. and you’ll be doing chores with this painful steel chastity cage on.

I’ll send Gretchen in to show you the most humiliating way to lick my dirty shoes clean. I can’t wait to show off my new slaves shoe licking skills to my friends at the polo club! Be happy that I’ve graciously decided to let you keep your teeny tiny marbles… for now.

Starring: Heather Highborne

Categories: Chastity, Humiliation, Slave Training, Brat Girls, Female Supremacy, Domestic Servitude, Shoe and Boot Worship, Executrix, Orgasm Denial, FLR, Female Led Relationship.

Heather Highborne
Heather Highborne