Your Bully Wants Dinner. Mean Girl and the Dweeb (season 2 episode 10)

Your Bully Wants Dinner. Mean Girl and the Dweeb (season 2 episode 10)

Good morning, dweeb. It’s Saturday… time for the biggest chore day of the week for sissies. Oh my, that was a very pretty curtsy, haha.

You’re gonna be cooking for an extra person tonight. I’ve been blowing your bully so much lately that mom wanted to meet him. Isn’t that cool. You’re gonna get an extra chance to thank him for the things he’s done to you and helping lose your sense of self-respect. A good sissy needs to be continually beaten down in every way to keep any manly pride from bubbling to the surface. It takes lots of energy for the family to constantly put you down… and it’s so nice that your bully is coming over to help lighten the load. He’s just gonna love your pretty pink maids outfit.

Look Sissy, I’ve taken the time to write out a little sissy pledge that you can entertain us with after dinner. Well, it’s more of a sissy pledge to your bully than us, but hey… we’re not gonna want to look at you all the time and the more you’re over his house cleaning and servicing him, the better. I mean, his appetite for blow jobs is voracious and my jaw is getting sore just trying to keep up with thanking him for humiliating you. You’re gonna have to self-sustain your own increasing humiliationby blowing him with your pretty pink mouth, sissy.

Now we gotta practice your pledge: Repeat after me,

-I’m daddy’s sissy maid and I will always obey him faithfully.

-Daddy’s superior cock is all I need.

-I will ask to be punished if I ever look at pretty girls and get a tiny inferior boner.

-if I even catch a glimpse of my step sister in panties around the house, I will immediately rush over to my daddy and put on a thick lubricating coat of shiny pink lipstick and ask him to forgive me and beg to be face fucked.


Haha, that last one is so fitting, don’t you think, sissy! Oh, and I do plan on walking around the house in my panties as usual. Maybe I’ll have to add temptation just to fuck with you. I’ll wear sexy lingerie and pull up my skirt and ask you if you wanna cum on my legs. Oh, I bet that would just drive you crazy huh? This is gonna be so much fun! Now practice your pledge and then start doing my laundry… by hand!


Starring Skyla Novea

Categories: Femdom, Sissy Training, Female Supremacy, Taboo, Step-Sister, Domestic Servitude, Humiliation.


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