Acting Smooth (Episode 1 of Season 1 of Producer of Pretty Lies)

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I’m so glad to have an aspiring actor living across the street… I’m in such a jam…

As you know I’m a huge reality TV show producer and I know I’ve been promising you that I’d introduce you to some celebrities in exchange for mowing my lawn, cleaning my gutters and stuff… even polishing My shoes!

My gosh… I’ve had you just running around for me for a year now, hahahaha.

I’m in a bit of a jam and I could really use a last minute actor that can play a role on my latest reality TV show.

Awe, are ya still a virgin, sweetie… mmmmHmmmm… I see… well it’s really too bad that this job is gonna delay any chance you had at being man enough to get a woman … but I’m really gonna need you to get in that bathroom and apply lots and lots of the body hair removal cream I’ve got for ya!

I’m gonna have you put on a little fem-boy show for me… a little posing… a little caressing your legs… you’ll be so cute! Hahahaha.

Starring: Stella Sol

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