Bow To Your Superior. So you Wanna Serve – Season 1 Episode 7

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I’m gonna show you the meaning of pure joy. I’m gonna snap my fingers and your gonna bow down at my feet. And when you do… I want you to take a moment and see how good it feels… it’s gonna feel like it’s right where you belong. (Snap) now bow at my superior feet!

Oh, since you liked the addition of me ignoring you piled on top of the humiliation of shoe licking… I’ll add something else! I’ll add laughter! Yup, cuz you’re gonna be licking my heels in public. All my friends are gonna laugh at you.

Maybe I’ll attach your leash to the wall… and leave you there as a human shoe shine. Maybe I’ll put up a little sign… “Free shoe shine, courtesy of Raven Bay” Haha. Your greatest joy would be to get destroyed by me. Publicly ruined. Permanently!

Goddess Raven Bay

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