Bullied (Episode 3) Punishment Party

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I think that spanking I gave you has really helped your diligence for chores… good for you! Oh, did you give any thought to what you want for your birthday tomorrow?

Have it your way… I’ve got a surprise gift for you that’s better than anything else anyway, hahahaha. Your step-sister and I are planning to invite some cheerleaders and a big strong surprise guest and give you and your sissy holes exactly what you deserve!

Oh, did you like your first day in pink panties? I made the grocery list nice and long so you could feel your beta penis rubbing all around the silk fabric as you shopped for your step-mom like a good sissy.

Now go upstairs and wait for your step-sister to shave you… and remember to obey her, I don’t want a bad report or you’ll be out on your ear.


Starring: Stella Sol

Categories: Humiliation, Sissy Training, Crossdresser, Paddling, Wooden Spoon, Spanking, Panty Fetish, Feminization, Forced Bi, Forced Fem, Forced Crossdressing, Make Me Bi, Sissification, Latex Leggings, Shoe Fetish, Wimp, Bully, Nerd, Beta Male, Milf, Big Tits, Fishnets, Latex Skirt, Silk And Satin.