Bullied (Season 2, Episode 4) Discount Surgery Surprise

Feminization Video

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Huh, oh I didn’t mention the hormones? Oh, sorry, hahahaha, I promised your step-sister I’d keep it a secret til you started to complain about your nipples getting sensitive. Lemme see your titties… lemme see… oh yea, you’re gettin’ a little puffy!

Get that shrinking cock nice and hard in that cage and think about it… are you gonna be the best sissy in the world??? Admit it! You wanna be an even bigger joke… you wanna be a full on sex bimbo dolly, huh?

Are you awake?? It’s been two days. Are ya awake???

Awe, there you are… hi Sissykins, I just wanna say that you look just scrumptious! We got you all cleaned up after all that “discount third world surgery”

Your new breast implants are 2000cc each and we’ve had cheek implants put in and of course we went a little heavy on the permanent silicone lip injections, hahahaha. I’m not sure if you’re gonna be able to talk very well with those bimbo lips but they sure look like a dick belongs in your mouth 24/7 anyway, hahahaha.

Starring: Stella Sol

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