Bunny Busting Parties (Episode 5 of Chastity Checkups)

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Public Service Announcement commercial:

Hi, I’m Heather Highborne and the “Homeland Department of Chastity and Behavior Improvement” wants you to be a good patriot during “female pride” holiday season and organize your neighborhood chastity drive.

Our latest our government program allows for a full tax deduction on all “Bunny Busting” party related expenses.

That’s right ladies… dress up in your favorite sexy bunny outfit all season long and celebrate by surprising an unsuspecting beta male with a “Bunny Busting” party. (see more inside…)

Note: The rest of this video is me talking to my hot girlfriend about how were gonna be celebrating this new holiday with caging guys and even attaching hilarious jingle balls to their cages!


Starring: Heather Highborne

Categories: Humiliation, Chastity, Orgasm Denial, Foot Fetish, Secretary, Leg Fetish, Female Supremacy, Shoe Fetish, Office Domination, Playboy Bunny Costumes, Black Stockings, Object Crushing, Ballbusting, CBT.