Castrated Cuck Conclusion (Humilfication Day Episode 8)

Cuckold Castration

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… Perfect if you’re already trapped in a chastity cage!

This is the eighth day on this parody of Groundhog Day.

I’m on your computer where you keep all your chastity porn??? Hahahaha. I have enough information to blackmail the fuck out of you??? Hahahaha.

You’re fate is clearly up to me. I really find this all very amusing. Stimulating and amusing.

Ohhhh and then I found your folder called “Castrated Cucks” ! Now that was hot! I gotta admit, that stuff was dirty. I mean just soooo fuckin wrong, hahahaha.

So I called my hottest sadistic friend over. Oh and I told her about your “castration cuckold” folder and she even agreed to bring her boyfriend over to Fuck me while she’s destroying your nuts!

I wanna see you hump the air desperately to try and get the “last orgasm of your life” out of your beta balls. I bet you’ve always wanted to be totally rejected like this huh??? With a couple of hot girls laughing at you… making you a eunuch slave.

Should I put on a little show for ya while you still have your nuts?

Maybe I should pose with the elastrator like this and blow some sarcastic kisses at you … muah… muah.

Awe… did she band your nuts with this pink elastrator??? Did it hurt when she kicked your banded nuts???

Aiden Ashley

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